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Chocolate and Cakes Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

At Inspired By Chocolate And Cakes you will find easy baking recipes and cake decorating ideas that I know will work and inspire you.

It's my passion. I have developed these easy chocolate recipes myself and have been using them for years. I also love decorating cakes - much to the delight of my family and friends! so you will find this is also the home of:

Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

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By using recipes that you can trust I will show you how to make changes to give an endless array of chocolate cakes, brownies, truffles, chocolate strawberries ... and all things chocolate.

If like me you love to have a photograph when cooking new recipes you will find a picture with every chocolate recipe. The photographs are all mine and of the actual recipes you will be making.

What makes this site a little different is I give you one great base recipe then show you simple variations. An example would be you start with my best chocolate cake recipe. Then with simple additions you can make a chocolate almond cake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate orange cake, chocolate raspberry cake...the list goes on.

Not only Chocolate and Cakes Recipes but
also Cake Decorating Ideas...

chocolate and cakes recipes cake decorating ideas

Starting this chocolate and cakes website has also re-ignited my other passion, decorating cakes. On my cake decorating pages I share with you the cakes I design and create under the business name Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs - Sydney.

I love working with fondant and sugarpaste to create unique birthday, wedding, christening cake designs. I don't think there is an occasion that a cake can not be created for. Having a challenge and seeing the end result is very satisfying and never fails to put a smile on my face! I hope you enjoy my creations and that they inspire you in your own cake decorating designs.

At Inspired By Chocolate and Cakes you will find not only easy chocolate recipes but also chocolate facts, puzzles, history, quotes, and even a chocolate facial mask.

Inspired By Chocolate And Cakes shows you how. Have confidence in knowing the recipes work and be inspired by the photographs - although I do not claim to know anything about photography!

Bye for now, Michelle Rea

Enjoy your Chocolate and Cakes Adventure!

This is what you will find on my site ...

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