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Baby Shower Cupcake

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baby shower cupcake

Baby shower cupcake ideas are perfect to add that personal touch to a wonderful day. They are delicious served as part of a shower tea or packaged in an acetate box as a take home gift for the guests.

Check out my matching nappy, diaper cake at the end of this page. I also have a pitter patter cake to match the pitter patter feet cupcakes in my decorated baby cakes page. Using my vanilla or chocolate cupcake recipe is a great start to making cupcakes for your baby shower. If you have not discovered this quick and easy recipe yet, then click here.

Nappy / Diaper baby shower cupcakes

baby shower cupcakes

I have made these little cupcakes using my chocolate cupcake recipe.

Then I have made my recipe for vanilla buttercream icing and coloured half pink and half blue.

This time I have spread the buttercream on top of the cupcakes but you can easily pipe it as well.

baby shower cupcake nappies

Then using ready to roll icing or modelling fondant I made little nappies. I re-shaped a large rose petal cutter to cut the nappy shape out. You could also cut around a cardboard template.

Once folded I left the nappies to dry.

You can either pipe the little pins on using royal icing or some of the buttercream.

The nappies can be made well in advance and packed between non-stick paper in an air tight container after drying.

If you are piping the pins in buttercream then do this just before topping the cupcakes.

Pitter Patter Feet baby shower cupcakes

pitter patter feet baby shower cupcake decorating ideas

These pitter patter feet cupcakes were made to match a pitter patter cake that I have in my baby christening cake photo gallery.

I have cut the feet out of thinly rolled fondant and then piped dots on the toes just to add dimension.

This is a simple idea that looks just as nice on buttercream or fondant topped cupcakes. The feet can be made weeks in advance, left to dry and then stored in an airtight container. Although if you want them to sit flat on a fondant topped cake make them as you need them.

baby shower cupcake decorating ideasbaby shower cupcake decorating ideas

These cupcakes ready for delivery have my nappy and pitter patter feet designs on them. I have also included little bows as well. What I have done here is to put them all on a small icing plaque first. This increases the level of design detail and also allows you another place for colour detail.

Even though the theme here is baby blue and white this would also look fantastic in various pastel colours in the plaques with the feet, bows and nappies in white. Although there is more work in this design it is easy and can be made weeks in advance to the baby shower.

daisy cupcake

Flower topped cupcakes are perfect for baby shower teas.

Choose colours to match the scheme of the baby shower.

If you are making these to take as a gift then ask the host or you should be able to get a clue from the baby shower invitation.

I have many more ideas for flower cupcakes on my wedding cupcake page.

Baby Shower, Christening, Baptism, 1st Birthday Cupcakes

I am just quickly adding these new designs to this page then I will come back and write about when I have more time. I think they are simple designs to make. I actually came up with them when I was making easter cupcakes this year - so I guess these designs will just about cover any occasion!

gallery-easter-cupcakes-bay-cupcakes-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designs gallery-polka-dot-easter-baby-cupcakes-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designs gallery-white-baby-christening-baptism-cupcake-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designsgalley-easter-baby-shower-christening-cupcake-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designs gallery-polka-dot-easter-baby-shower-christening-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designs gallery-easter-christening-cupcakes-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designsgallery-baby-christening-cupcakes-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designs gallery-baby-christening-cupcake-ideas-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designs gallery-easter-cupcake-yellow-daisy-Inspired-By-Michelle-Cake-Designs

More Cupcake - decorating ideas ...

easter cupcakes

I have lots more ideas on how to decorate cupcakes.

These chocolate egg cupcakes were made to celebrate this easter.

You can find links to all my ideas by clicking here.

More Baby Shower Ideas ...

baby shower chocolate peppermint slice

Why not take these ideas a step further for your baby shower?

I have given the traditional chocolate caramel slice and chocolate peppermint slice recipes a mini makeover.

I show you how to make them in bite sized portions which would be perfect for a baby shower tea.

You can find the recipe for this idea here.

Inspired By Michelle Baby Cakes

baby shower nappy, diaper cake

How about this beautifully decorated fondant nappy baby shower cake as the centerpiece of your celebrations.

Just imagine how spectacular this would look together with matching baby shower cupcake. The cake also works well as a two tier.

The baby bottle baby shower cake is also popular and the colour can be matched to your shower colour scheme. Simple baby shower cupcake with white icing and matching polka dots would compliment this cake.

I also have a pitter patter feet cake idea in the gallery.

I have more photos of these cake ideas in my baby christening cake gallery.

baby shower baby bottle cake

I make these cakes in my cake decorating business Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs. Follow the link below to find photograph galleries of my recent cakes.

I deliver throughout Sydney and your cake is only limited by your imagination, I love a challenge.

You can find this and more information about having a cake made by clicking here.

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