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Baking Conversions And Measures

baking conversons and measures

These tables for baking conversions and measures mean you can bake my easy chocolate recipes no matter where in the world you are. Living in Australia often means I have to convert baking temperatures and measurements when I try recipes from the internet.

It always amazes me how small the world is becoming these days. People contact me through my site from all over the world so I hope these tables are of assistance to you especially if you just want to convert imperial to metric. I even find myself using them.

I have included tables for:

  • cup measure conversions
  • oven temperature baking conversions
  • liquid measure conversions
  • length measurement conversions

If you keep heading down the page I have also recently added:

  • cups to grams for plain flour
  • cups to grams for caster sugar

The addition of this information came as a request from a chocolate recipe fan from England, so if there is anything you would like me to include in the future please let me know through my contact me page.

If you have questions concerning any baking terms used in Inspired By Chocolate And Cakes please read my Baking Glossary page. And just in case you are wondering, yes the recipes for all these delicious chocolate treats can be found on my site! In fact this is just a taste of what you can find.

Cup Measure Conversions

1 teaspoon universal5ml
1 tablespoon Australian20ml
1 tablespoon US, UK, NZ15ml
1/2 cup125ml / 4fl oz
1 cup of liquid250ml
4 cups of liquid1 litre
1 pint600ml
weight of eggs used1 egg = 60g
1 stick of butter125g


Oven Temperature Baking Conversions

fahrenheit celsius gas

For more Fahrenheit to Centrigrade information click here. A new window will open.

These oven temperatures are only a guide. We have all experienced the variances that different oven models and thermostats can give.

I have baked all the recipes on inspired by chocolate and cakes in a conventional oven. Fan-forced ovens (convectional) are usually a little hotter in their baking.

If using a fan-forced oven please read your manufacturers instruction manual first. They will usually tell you to set the oven temperature 10-20oC lower.

I have to add that recently I moved house and as a result acquired a new oven. The way it bakes bares no resemblance to my old reliable oven.

So I did what I advise and read the manufacturers instructions and it advised that I reduce the temperature by 30oC! so now I find myself adjusting my own recipes.

Liquid Measure Conversions

imperial metric cups/pints
1 fl oz30ml1/8 cup
2 fl oz60ml1/4 cup
2 ½ fl oz80ml1/3 cup
3 fl oz100ml-
4 fl oz125ml1/2 cup
5 fl oz150ml1/4 pint / 1 gill
6 fl oz185ml3/4 cup
8 fl oz250ml1 cup
10 fl oz300ml1/2 pint
12 fl oz375ml1 ½ cups
16 fl oz500ml2 cups
20 fl oz600ml2 ½ cups / 1 pint
24 fl oz750ml3 cups
32 fl oz1000ml / 1 litre4 cups / 1 3/4 pints

For more Liquid Conversion information click here. A new window will open.

Length Measurement Conversions

imperial metric
1/8 inch3mm
1/4 inch6mm
1/2 inch12mm
1 inch2.5cm
2 inch5cm
8 inch20cm
9 inch23cm
10 inch25cm
12 inch30cm

For more Imperial to Metric information click here. A new window will open.

Cups to Grams Plain Flour baking conversions

3 cups450g
2 1/2 cups375g
2 cups300g
1 2/3 cups250g
1 1/2 cups225g
1 cup150g
3/4 cup110g
2/3 cup100g
1/2 cup75g
1/3 cup50g
1/4 cup35g

Cups to Grams Caster Sugar baking conversions

3 cups660g
2 1/2 cups550g
2 cups440g
1 2/3 cups370g
1 1/2 cups330g
1 cup220g
3/4 cup165g
2/3 cup150g
1/2 cup110g
1/3 cup75g
1/4 cup55g

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