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Why A Baking Glossary?

A Baking Glossary is a necessity when cooking from the net. When I started writing up my recipes for Inspired By Chocolate And Cakes it occurred to me that you might have the same problems as I do when following recipes written in another part of the world.

Sometimes the baking terms used are not the same as we use at home. Even simple ingredients like icing sugar which is the term I would use but maybe you know it as confectioners sugar or even powdered sugar!

So this glossary is not about defining ingredients and what they do but to group common terms. I hope it makes your chocolate adventure smoother.

If you have any questions concerning metric to imperial conversions you should find the answer at my Baking Conversions page.

If you need help with understanding the different types of chocolate then you will find clear simple definitions on this page.

Baking Terms Equivalent
amarettoalmond flavoured liqueur
amaretti biscuitsitalian macaroon biscuits made with almonds
bicarbonate of sodabaking soda, carb soda
butter, sweet butter125g of butter = 1 stick
chocolate buttonschocolate melts, not to be confused with chocolate bits often used in cookies
dark chocolatebittersweet, semisweet chocolate. For a clear description click here
milk chocolateFor a clear description click here
white chocolateFor a clear description click here
cocoa powderFor a clear description click here
coconut, desiccatedcoconut, fine shredded
cookiessweet biscuits
creampouring cream, single cream, pure cream, minimum 35% fat content
thickened creamheavy cream, minimum 35% fat content plus a thickening agent/vegetable gum
cup cakespatty cakes
eggs, I use 60g eggs in all my baking.eggs should be at room temperature for optimal results.
glucoseglucose syrup, liquid glucose
grand marnierorange flavoured liqueur
kahluacoffee flavoured liqueur
kirschcherry flavoured liqueur
maraschinocherry flavoured liqueur
milkfull-cream homogenised milk
mixed peeldiced candied citrus peel
non- stick baking paperbaking parchment, silicon paper
plain flourall-purpose flour
sugargranulated table sugar
caster sugarsuperfine sugar, fine granulated table sugar
icing sugarconfectioners sugar, powdered sugar
icing sugar mixtureconfectioners sugar with added cornflour, powdered sugar with added cornflour
tia mariacoffee flavoured liqueur
vegetable oillight in colour and light in flavour vegetable based polyunsaturated oil

I hope this Baking Glossary has been of use to you and answered any questions you may of had. My aim is to make my site as user friendly as possible and to keep you Inspired By Chocolate And Cakes!

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