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Breast Cancer Cupcakes

"Pink and pretty cupcake decorating ideas"

breast cancer cupcakes

Pink themed breast cancer cupcakes are the perfect way to help raise money for such a worthy cause.

I have put a few cupcake decorating ideas that are easy to do. The decorations are made out of ready to roll fondant. They can be used to decorate fondant or buttercream topped cupcakes.

The fondant decorations can be made weeks in advance. Once dry they just need to be stored in an air-tight container in a cool position. Do not store in the refrigerator.

If you are looking for cupcake recipes then my recipes for chocolate and vanilla cupcakes can be found at this link.

One thing I would suggest is that if you are using white cupcake paper cases then a vanilla cupcake recipe is best so that the paper remains bright white. I have used pretty pink foil cupcake cases for this event.

If you need recipes for icings, buttercreams and frostings then you can find my recipes at this link.

If your local bakery has a frosting that you love or if you are running out of time why not asked if you can buy some from them. I have done this in the past and I find they are only too happy to help. Often they make beautifully white frostings/creams as they have different ingredients which we do not have access to.

You can add your own colours and flavours to them to add a personal touch.

pink breast cancer cupcakes with butterflies

All I have done to decorate these breast cancer cupcakes is to use pink and white ready to roll fondant, pink and white buttercream and pink and silver sugar balls.

The cupcakes are my vanilla recipe.

You could just make the pink ribbon cupcakes but I think all these ideas mixed together make a great display.

breast cancer cupcakes with pink ribbon

The cupcakes with the fondant tops have a thin layer of buttercream underneath to give a smooth surface for the fondant circle to sit on.

I have given the fondant a pattern by pressing in a piece plastic lace tablecloth to leave an impression.

I have also used this technique on the butterfly breast cancer cupcakes.

To make fondant cut-outs you need to roll the icing thinly this way the decorations dry easily. If the fondant sticks when rollong out just cornflour to dust the bench and rolling pin(only the smallest amount possible is needed).

breast cancer pink cupcakes stars and hearts

The butterfiles are cut out then left to dry in the crease in an open magazine this gives the wings shape. Roll the body out of a small piece of fondant and attach to the wings with a dab of water.

The antenna are cake decorating flower stamens. Leave until dry.

Stars and hearts always look good and the addition of the sugar ball adds sparkle. These would also be great for a princess, fairy, pink party theme. The decorations made the week before and just sprinkled on just before serving.

This design is also a good starting point when teaching children.

The pink ribbons are again just pink fondant rolled out and cut into strips. Cut the ends on an angle and fold into the ribbon shape, leave to dry.

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