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How to Make Sugar Peony Rose
Cake Decorating Flowers

""These sugar flowers are impressive,
yet easy to make

cake decorating flowers sugar peony roses

This 2 part video shows you how to make the peony rose sugar flower shown in the pictures above.

Fondant flowers are great for decorating a cake -- they look impressive, but are easy to make, although you do need to allow time to make them. Ideally make them 2 days before you need them, to allow them to dry.

How to Make Sugar Peony Roses

Part 1: How to Make Cake Decorating Flowers

In part 1 I show you how to make the flower.

You will need...

150g Modelling fondant -- here I use ivory fondant. Be sure to use proper modelling fondant, rather than fondant with tylose added

Rolling pin

2 x flower cutters -- I use sizes F6C and F6B

1 x balling tool

Cake decorating flower stamens -- I use matt and glossy black ones

Small bowl -- such as a rice bowl

Dusting of corn flour for the rice bowl (to prevent sticking)

Paint brush


Skewer or other tool to position petals

For the method, see the video...

Part 2: Decorating the Cake

In part 2 I show you how to position the flower on the cake.

You will see this involves adding a further 2 petal layers to hide the ball of fondant used to position the flower. Using this technique you don't need any fillers, such as ribbon or leaves, to hide the positioning ball.

Leave the cake to sit overnight before transporting it.

Gum Paste Recipes

Here are the recipes for making the gum paste (also called sugar paste or flower paste) used to make these fondant sugar flowers...

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