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Cake Decorating Ideas
Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

"Inspiration for your own cake designs or for your next cake"

My cake decoration ideas can be used to inspire you in your own cake decorating designs or as a starting point if you would like to have a cake made.

Cake decorating is not only done by professional cake designers but by anyone who loves to bake and create. I warn you though once you start it is addictive but very rewarding.

The internet is a wonderful resource used by us all in looking for new cake decorating ideas.

And it is the internet and in particular starting this site that has re-ignited my passion for decorating cakes. So much so that I have started my own cake design business Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs located in Sydney Australia.

On these pages I share my recent cake decorating pictures and ideas. I am getting so much joy out of cake decorating again that I know these pages are going to expand quickly. I have been overwhelmed with orders and my days and nights are now filled with all things cake!

Decorated cakes can be used to celebrate any occasion. Designs are only limited by your imagination (and sometimes $$$) as just about anything can be sculptured out of cake and icing.

I design and deliver decorated cakes for all occasions throughout Sydney or pick up can be easily arranged.

To learn more about Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs or for contact details please click here.

Birthday Cake Ideas

Cake decorating ideas

Birthday cake decorating is so much fun especially children's birthday cakes.

Marking their birthdays and achievements with a celebration creates beautiful memories.

Cakes can created by using design ideas from your party theme, invitation designs, favourite colours, sports, hobbies or milestones, favourite toys, tv shows or from the outfit to be worn on the special day.

Even design can be taken from details of where the party is to be held - settings and architecture can often help tie the theme together.

The cake shown here is one I made for myself from a favourite piece of fabric.

You can also find cake decorating ideas that could be used as a birthday cake in my other galleries.

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Baby and Christening Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake decorating ideas - bears, blocks and bows christening cake Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

I think out of all the cakes I make christening / baptism and first birthday cakes are the most popular.

That's why I have put both ideas together on this page as most ideas are interchangeable. Ideas for designs can come from invitations for the party or even from a favourite piece of baby clothing. If you are into scrapbooking then this is also a great design resource.

I have also included some ideas for baby shower and First Holy communion cakes.

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Wedding Cake Designs

Cake decorating ideas - diamantes simple and elegant three tier wedding cake - Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

Sometimes it is hard to come up with a wedding cake design that is uniquely yours.

I hope I can help with my wedding cake gallery.

Often the trick is to use details from your wedding invitations, fabrics from yours or the bridesmaids dresses. I have even used part of an earring to add detail to a cake.

The other day I was asked to design a cake that was simple but elegant as the cake was to sit on a crystal stand that had been handed down through the family and this was to be the focus.

Like I always say you are only limited by your imagination!

This is a great resource whether you are looking at having a cake made or for your own cake decorating ideas.

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Cake Decorating Designs
for Special Occasion Cakes

Cake decorating ideas graduation cap hat cake Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

This is where you will find my cake designs that do not fit into the other galleries.

I think every special occasion in life deserves a celebration cake! From Mother's Day, Christmas, Web Sites, charity events, graduations and more.

Don't forget these ideas can also make great birthday cake decorating ideas as well.

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Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Cake decorating ideas - red,white and blue polka dot buttercream cupcakes

Cupcake decorating is so much fun and they can be decorated for absolutely every occasion.

Click on the link below to find not only recipes for chocolate, vanilla and chocolate chip cupcakes but also ideas for wedding cupcakes, baby shower cupcakes, easter cupcakes, valentine cupcakes and much much more ...

Use the photographs as inspiration for your own cupcake decorating adventures.

You will find ideas for buttercream, chocolate ganache and fondant decorated cupcakes.

All my cupcake decorating ideas can be found here.

To learn more about having a cake made by Inspired By Michelle please click here.

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