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Cake Decorating Tips and

"You'll find lots of easy to follow cake
decorating instructions in my tutorials"

cake decorating tips and techniques

Cake decorating can be an easy, fun and creative thing to do. All you need is to learn a few cake decorating tips and techniques, and a bit of practice, to decorate a cake like a professional! Think how impressed your friends and family will be when you say "I made it myself! 

So, if you have ever wanted to try cake decorating, but been too afraid to try, or if there's a specific technique you would like to master, take a look at my list of online tutorials below.

These free online tutorials cover a wide variety of cake decorating tips and techniques from how to ganache a cake, to how to create beautifully life-like fondant flowers. Many of them also include videos. You need no previous experience in cake decorating for any of the tutorials.

Whatever experience and skill level you have, these tutorials and my Cake Decorating Ideas pages should give you lots of inspiration for creating your own cake designs. 

Cake Decorating Tips & Techniques

cake decorating tips

Timeline for decorating a cake - the order of decorating

This useful tutorial explains the timeline for decorating a cake -- learn what to do when.

cake decorating tips make fondant bears

How to make fondant bears with shaggy fur

This cake decorating video shows you how to make fondant bears. The video shows how to make shaggy fur, but you can alsoleave the fondant smooth.

cake decorating tips halloween cupcake ideas

Halloween cupcake decorating ideas (on my blog)

You'll find the following halloween cupcake decorating ideas: a video tutorial for cute pumpkin cupcake toppers; links to further pages with video ideas for halloween cupcakes.

cake decorating tips how to make chocolate ganache

How to make chocolate ganache for decorating cakes

Part 1 of this 3 part tutorial gives you the recipe for milk chocolate ganache and white chocolate ganache and shows you how to make the ganache.

cake decorating tips for decorating a cake perfectly

How to ganache for decorating a cake perfectly

Part 2 of this 3 part tutorial on chocolate ganache shows you how to create perfect edges and a smooth surface on your ganache, ready for the fondant.

cake decorating tips how to cover a fondant cake for sharp edges

How to cover a fondant cake to get sharp edges

The third and final part of this 3 part tutorial shows you my technique for working the fondant to get the sharp edges on your cakes.

cake decorating tips 1st birthday cake

Princess castle cake overview (on my blog)

This is a beautiful idea for a 1st birthday cake for a little girl.

cake decorating tips sugar flowers

How to make sugar paste for making sugar flowers

This is a video tutorial for how to make my original sugar paste for sugar flowers.

cake decorating tips gum paste recipe

How to make gum paste for sugar flowers

This gum paste recipe is better in high humidity and the one I now use for all my flowers.

cake decorating tips how to make a sugar peony rose

How to make sugar peony rose cake decorating flowers

This is a 2 part video tutorial that shows how easy it is to make these impressive sugar flowers.

cake decorating tips drying sugar flowers

Tip for drying your sugar flowers (on my blog)

These drying racks for sugar flowers provide a safe and convenient way to dry your flowers.

cake decorating tips rose cupcakes

Rose cupcake tutorial (on my blog)

In this video tutorial I show you how to make the roses for these cupcakes.

cake decorating tips fondant name blocks for cake decorating

How to make fondant cake decorating alphabet name blocks

These fondant alphabet name blocks are perfect for decorating christening cakes, baptism cakes and birthday cakes.

cake decorating tips how to make a fondant baby bottle cake

How to make a fondant baby bottle cake (on my blog)

Learn how to make this 3D fondant baby bottle cake. A great idea for a baby shower cake, christening cake, baptismcake or first birthday cake. 

cake decorating tips gift cakes

How to do the lids on gift or present cakes (on my blog)

Learn how to use fondant to create the lids on cakes decorated as gift or present cakes.

cake decorating tips inspired by michelle cake designs

How I did my signature cake – quick explanation (on my blog)

See my cake decorating tip to get inspiration for cake designs.

cake decorating tips taking cake photos

How to improve your cake photos

Learn this simple way to improve the quality of your cake photos.

cake decorating tips number of cake serves

Guide to cake sizes and serves when cutting a cake

Learn how many people each cake size serves.

cake decorating tips cake decorating colors

Where to find inspiration for cake decorating colors (on my blog)

Here I share my favorite resource for choosing cake decorating colors.

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