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About Me
Cake Maker Michelle Rea

"The voice behind this chocolate and cake decorating web site ..."

What can I tell you about me as cake maker, decorator and photographer? I have finally taken the time to give you a little insight into the voice behind this web site. My name is Michelle Rea and my home is in Sydney Australia. A long time ago I was a pastry chef but most of my recipe development experience comes from working in the food manufacturing field. Working for some of Australia’s leading food companies taught me the importance of having a recipe that works every time.

I have also been food editor for the Australian Country Collections and Rick Rutherfords Country magazines. This I called my fifteen minutes of fame! I can still remember how proud I was when the first issue containing my recipes came out. I was responsible for the concept, the recipes and choosing the location and props for the photo shoots. It was a fabulous time that really stretched my creativity.

about cake maker Michelle Rea, Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs

I find now that it's time to do something that is just about me. I need to be creative again. I am really proud of my web site's progress so far. It's very satisfying and exciting to see a little bit of me showing up in web searches. I have met some amazing and positive people from all over the world all with words of encouragement.

My motivation for starting was to share my passion for baking. I think the greatest thing I can achieve is to show people you don’t need books and books of recipes to make great chocolate cakes and chocolate desserts. I chose chocolate as my theme because everyone loves chocolate! And there are chocolate lovers everywhere!

A lot of the time it is not the recipe itself that makes a statement but what you do with it. So I have set out to give you easy chocolate recipes that work and then inspire you with what can be done with them. I want you to be as proud of your chocolate baking as I am when I say ”I Made it Myself!”

There has been a down side to all this chocolate baking. As the cake maker, I have consumed an enormous amount of chocolate and yes my weight has gone up! The reason is that all the photographs on my web site are of the actual recipes. I do not use stock photographs. So I currently have a constant source of temptation! and a revelation that I need to do a photography course – thank goodness for digital cameras.

As the site grows there will be more and more ideas in fact the bigger it gets the more creative it will become. The one thing you will learn about me is that I never run out of ideas.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter - it's a great way to keep in touch. And if you are into the wonderful world of RSS feeds then click onto my Inspired by Michelle Blog and keep in touch that way. Both of these links can be found on most of my pages.

I would love to encourage anyone else with a passion to share it with everyone on the web, it’s a wonderful journey.

I will also share one of the secrets of my success – it does not matter whether the recipes end up looking like you imagined because no one else knew what that was in the first place! So stop imaging that everyone will be disappointed because they won’t be. Just smile, be proud and be Inspired by Chocolate and Cakes!

Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs Cake Maker Michelle Rea

More about me as a cake maker and decorator: starting this web site has also lead me down a wonderful path where I now have my own cake design business: Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs . It's a passion I have had for years. I had no intention of starting this business and it is like a snowball to the point where my life has been taken over by cakes cakes and more cakes!!

It all started from people seeing some cakes on this site and asking if I make them to now I have my own little studio, work seven days and all this without any advertising - the power of the internet!

The 100 hour weeks are sweetened by the wonderful people I meet and the emails that I recieve that never fail to put a smile on my face. Even now I am still amazed how people find my website from all over the world.

I have pages that are a gallery of cake designs for all my recent cakes to share ideas and I now have an InspiredByMichelle blog which showcases just cake pictures which I usually arrange as collages and in themes.

Well that's enough about cake maker me for now. I hope you continue to share the Inspired By Chocolate And Cakes journey with me. I have a feeling it is a journey that has no end!

Bye for now, cake maker, decorator, Michelle Rea

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