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How to Take Better Cake Photos

"Using a light tent really makes a difference!"

how to photograph cakes

I've been asked several times how I take my photos, so I'm sharing this tip to answer that question.

My secret tip (from my photographer sister) is to use a light tent set up with 2 lights, one on either side of the tent.

I bought my tent as an inclusive kit from eBay. The kit included the lights with daylight bulbs and black, white, red and blue colored backgrounds. I chose the 80cm cube size, a size tall enough to fit a 3 tier cake with topper.

I use it with a cheap automatic digital camera, so nothing fancy. I just place the cakes inside, turn the lights on and take a photo. By using the tent the colors appear stronger and clearer than without it, the background is clean and my pictures are now all consistent.

Initially I changed the angles of the lights and used a tripod for the camera, but I've found that with the lights pointing away from the cake and up to the ceiling the light is fine. And since I'm usually in a rush to take the cake photos before the cakes are delivered or collected I now quickly take 3 or 4 shots without a tripod.

Do check that you can easily buy replacement light bulbs. Mine both went at the same time and I found I couldn't find bulbs that fit in the socket. They now just rest there, but it still works!

The other good point about the light tent is that it folds down flat and small. I leave mine up and someone commented on how professional it looks, yet the table is actually an old door with an old curtain draped over it. It does the trick though!

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