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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Recipe

"New decorating ideas for my popular chocolate strawberries" "

chocolate covered strawberries

I can not believe how popular my chocolate covered strawberry recipe is – so it encouraged me to come up with some more cute ideas.

I had such a wonderful response to my chocolate strawberry Santas, Rudolph and snowmen that I can now introduce to you my cute little chocolate strawberry mice and chocolate strawberry bunnies.

chocolate strawberry cupcake

For all the basic information on how to make chocolate dipped strawberries you will need to go to my chocolate covered strawberries main page. I show you how to do this and also give you the information on how to melt chocolate – it's not that difficult once I show you how.

You will also find lots of different ways to decorate chocolate covered strawberries.

The chocolate mice have been dipped then left to set on a tray lined with non-stick baking paper. The chocolate bunnies have been dipped in a slightly different way.

chocolate strawberries mice

This I explain on my santa chocolate strawberries page. I suggest that you slice the calyx off the top of the strawberries first as this will give them a flat base on which to stand. I then made a little chocolate base for it to sit on by melting more chocolate, spreading it out on a tray lined with non-stick baking paper and leaving it to set. I then used a flower cutter to make a little plaque.

White chocolate does tend to set a little faster than dark so I chocolate dipped the strawberries first then left them to set. I then attached their little features with a small amount of melted chocolate.

chocolate strawberry bunny

Like my other chocolate covered strawberries I made the features (ears, noses etc) out of modelling fondant. Sometimes I also use ready to roll icing it just depends on what I have on hand – both work well. Make the features at least the day before, this gives them a chance to dry out making them stronger and easier to use.

Of course you can make the bunnies lying down as well or the mice sitting up. And they do not have to be these colours, dark chocolate would look just as good or even different pastel coloured white chocolate – I guess it just depends on the occasion you are making them for.

I hope you have enjoyed my chocolate covered strawberry recipe - if you have I would love too hear from you, you can do this anytime through my contact me page.

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chocolate bride and groom strawberries santa, rudolph and santa chocolate strawberries

I have lots more ideas for chocolate covered strawberries, they are great for valentines and wedding celebrations and also just because coating anything in chocolate is usually a good idea!

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chocolate covered strawberies chocolate valentine strawberries

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