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Chocolate Fillings

"Delicious chocolate cake fillings, frostings, icings and much more"

What are my favourite chocolate fillings? Over the years I must have made hundreds of different recipes and yet I always come back to the same few.

So it is these recipes I want to share with you. I know that they work and taste great.

Who needs five different recipes for chocolate buttercream when you have one that is great!

I have kept these recipes simple and versatile. I have included different ways that you can use them and photographs to inspire you.

Really there is not a lot of difference between a chocolate frosting, chocolate fillings or chocolate icing its more what we are used to calling them and when we decide to use them.

Say we want to make and decorate a chocolate cake. I can definitely recommend the best place to start is with my chocolate cake recipe

Well I would normally use my chocolate buttercream recipe but if I was in a hurry then I would make the quick and easy chocolate frosting recipe. Now if I wanted to go all out then let me suggest the chocolate truffle filling recipe. All work and all taste great.

My aim at inspired by chocolate and cakes is to provide you with good base recipes and show you how to use them in as many combinations as possible!

I have also included how to melt chocolate information as I find this always comes in handy when decorating cakes.

Chocolate Buttercream

chocolate buttercream topped cupcakes

This chocolate buttercream is delicious. It is so smooth and an absolute joy to work with.

I know that probably sounds a little strange but I absolutely love using this chocolate cream. It tastes great, and uses ingredients that you would always have in your kitchen pantry.

It is one of the most popular chocolate fillings recipes. You will also find recipe variations so that you can also make white chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream, hazelnut buttercream and I have just added a peanut butter buttercream recipe.

Quick And Easy Chocolate Frosting Recipe

decorating with chocolate frosting

This chocolate frosting recipe is exactly what I call it - Quick and Easy.

It tastes great, and uses ingredients that you would always have in your kitchen pantry.

It can be used as your favourite chocolate cake filling, or as a chocolate icing for your muffins and cupcakes.

It is a great standby recipe as it requires very little effort to make. You will also find variations for coffee, vanilla and banana frosting.

Chocolate Cream Recipe

chocolate cream covered chocolate roll

A delicious chocolate cream recipe, just when you think you can’t add any more chocolate to your desserts.

A simple way to top and fill your cakes, serve with your chocolate desserts as an extra decadence and a little bit of difference from the usual whipped cream.

Top chocolate scones, fill a chocolate pavlova or decorate iced and hot chocolate drinks.

It's one of the simplest chocolate fillings around.

Chocolate Cake Icing

chocolate cake icing on a chocolate almond cake

The simplicity of this chocolate cake icing recipe is wonderful.

There is no need for an electric mixer you just use a bowl and a wooden spoon - easy!

There is not a lot more I can say about this chocolate icing except that it is delicious, quick to make and spreads easily.

Read the recipe and you will see why it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Chocolate Glaze

chocolate glazed mousse cake

Use this chocolate glaze to ice cakes, to top your favourite chocolate brownies, pour over icecream or serve with dessert.

Only two ingredients simple and very versatile.

This is a chocolate ganache recipe so it can also be cooled then beaten to make a rich chocolate cream to join biscuits and decorate your cakes.

White Chocolate Ganache Recipe

white chocolate ganache tarts

White chocolate ganache is so simple to make and versatile to use.

Use it as a white chocolate glaze or white chocolate sauce or to fill and decorate a cake.

It really is one of life's nicest chocolate fillings.

My white chocolate ganache recipe can be found here.

Delicious Chocolate Truffle Filling

chocolate truffle filling decorated cake

Chocolate truffle filling the names say it all it's rich and chocolatey and makes an everyday chocolate cake sinful!

If you are making this filling to decorate a cake I recommend that you take the cake out of the refrigerator 30mins before serving.

This way you can enjoy its smooth truffle texture and its rich chocolate flavour.

Melting Chocolate

chocolate buttons

Let me tell you about three ways of melting chocolate.

Whether you need to melt chocolate to make chocolate dipped strawberries, a fondue, decorate a cake or make a chocolate buttercream there is a method here that will suit you.

I hope I have inspired you with my chocolate fillings recipes and that this is the beginning of your chocolate baking adventure!

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