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My Chocolate Muffin Recipe Collection

"The variations for great chocolate muffuns is endless!"

I believe when you have a good chocolate muffin recipe you should share it.

Homemade chocolate muffins are delicious and they are not filled with excess sugars and preservatives to keep them fresh.

Instead I freeze my chocolate muffins recipe and defrost them as needed. Packed frozen into a school lunch is a great way of keeping the food cool.

I have put together chocolate muffin recipes for you to explore. You will soon see that they are all actually variations of the same muffin recipe.

This is what Inspired by Chocolate and Cakes is all about - one recipe many variations.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

chocolate chip muffins

I love these muffins they are quick, easy and delicious.

It does not matter which type of chocolate chip you use.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate chips are equally delicious. Or you could go all out and combine all three and make a triple chocolate chocolate chip muffin!

Click here for the chocolate chip muffins recipe.

Double Chocolate Muffins

double chocolate muffin

Double chocolate muffins - now these are for those of us who truly love chocolate.

Cocoa powder and chocolate chips in the batter, extra chocolate on top - irresistible.

I show you how to make these double chocolate muffins here.

Banana Chip Chocolate Muffin

banana chip chocolate muffin

Bananas and chocolate seem to be firm favourite when it comes to muffins.

I indulged when I made this chocolate muffin recipe and used a variation of my chocolate frosting to make a delicious banana frosting to top these adding a banana chip to decorate lets everyone what flavour to expect.

The recipe for the muffins and the frosting can be found here.

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

banana chocolate chip muffins

This chocolate chip muffin recipe is moist and filled with chocolate chips.

You choose, dark chocolate or white chocolate they are both delicious.

Muffins are a great snack and easy to make they also freeze well making them perfect for school lunches. For this chocolate filled banana muffin recipe click here.

Easy Frosting Recipe

valentine day chocolate muffin

You can easily decorate your chocolate muffins with my quick and easy frosting recipe.

You will see I show you how to make chocolate, mocha, banana, vanilla ... So now you can customize your delicious muffins to suit any occasion - I made these for valentines day.

For the chocolate frosting recipe click here.

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

chocolate glaze topped cupcakes

Well I have to confess these are not my chocolate muffins but they are my chocolate cupcakes.

But I wanted to show you how you can top your muffins with my chocolate glaze recipe.

It is really simple and versatile and a chocolate lovers delight.

For the chocolate glaze recipe click here.

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