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Favourite Chocolate Slice Recipes

Chocolate Slice Recipes have been the staple of home baking for years.

They are practical and easy to make that's why they are still firm favourites today.

What I have tried to do is give you my original recipes for these old fashion favourtites but also include variations or a new twist to give them a make-over.

Before I start and I mention this in the recipes I consider a chocolate slice and a chocolate bar recipe to be the same thing. It really just means some of us call them chocolate slices in some parts of the world and others chocolate bars or cookie bars.

I hope you enjoy baking these chocolate slices.

Chocolate Peppermint Slice Recipe

chocolate peppermint bar chocolate peppermint slice

Chocolate Peppermint Slice, yes this a long time favourite but I do think it needs a make-over. These fantastic bite sized mint bars are perfect for any occasion. See my recipe page for more ideas. Of course the good old fashion version is equally delicious and I have included a recipe for this as well.

Chocolate Caramel Slice Recipe

chocolate caramel slicewhite chocolate caramel bars

Chocolate Caramel Slice is still one of today's most popular slices, but hey, even the best can do with a twist to freshen it. As you can see these chocolate carmel slice hearts are sure to be a winner. You will also see that I believe a good caramel slice must have a generous layer of caramel. I have also included a white chocolate and macadamia varitation.

Chocolate Chip Bar Recipe

chocolate chip bar recipe

Chocolate Chip Bar Recipe, the simplest of chocolate bar recipes - why? Because this is just a variation on my easy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Of course you can use any combination of your favourite chocolate chips. You will find plently of different ideas here - fancy some double chocolate chip cookie bars?

Well I hope my chocolate slice recipes have left you wanting more chocolate inspirations - head to my home page to discover brownies, muffins, cookies, strawberries and even chocolate puzzles!

Don't forget to discover even more of my easy chocolate recipes - have fun baking!

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