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How To Make Chocolate Truffles

"The beginning of your truffle adventures"

Cocoa Dusted Chocolate Truffles

These truffles really are very easy. They are based on a chocolate ganache style blend of chocolate, butter and cream.

The chocolate truffle recipe I have on this page is for the traditional dark truffle dusted with cocoa powder. I then show you how to use this recipe as a base to make an endless array of these chocolate delights.

The addition of simple truffle flavours to the base combined with changes to the coatings will give you truffles for any and all occasions. In fact I think you should really read the flavours page first, it's full of flavour variations and there may even be some you had not thought of.

I had to let you know for all the white chocolate lovers I now have a white chocolate base recipe for truffles page. They are creamy smooth and the perfect base for your favourite truffle flavors.

Please read through the chocolate truffle recipe first before starting.

If you have any questions concerning imperial/metric conversions you will find the answers on my Baking Conversions page.

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Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Makes 18 generous sized truffles


45g unsalted butter, chopped coarsely
250g good quality dark chocolate, chopped coarsely
1/3 cup (80ml) thickened cream
1 teaspoon glucose
½ cup (50g) cocoa powder, sifted for dusting the finished truffles


1. Place the butter and chocolate in a medium sized microwave safe bowl.

2. Microwave on medium power for 1min. Stir then continue to microwave on medium power at 30 second intervals. Continue until chocolate has just melted. This should not take any more than 2mins.

3. Add the cream and the glucose. Mix through until combined and smooth. If you are adding flavourings add them with the cream.

4. Cover and chill until thick enough to roll.

chocolate sprinkle truffle

5. Shape a heaped teaspoonful of the truffle mix into a ball. You could use a small ice cream scoop. Place on a baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper. This only needs to be rough at this stage.

The smooth ball shape is done after the second chilling. Continue to make balls using the rest of the mix. Chill the balls until quite firm.

6. Now comes the messy stage. Roll each of the balls in the palms of your clean hands until smooth and round. This needs to be done quickly as the heat from your hands will start to melt the truffles. Return each ball to the lined baking tray.

chocolate hazlenut truffle

7. After washing your hands roll each ball in the cocoa powder to give a light and even coating.

8. The truffles are now finished. Cover and store in the refrigerator.

To enjoy the full flavour of your truffles remove from the refrigerator 30mins before eating.

But this delicious easy chocolate recipes adventure does not end here ...

Truffles, What's Your Favourite Flavour?

mint truffle selection

You have the base truffles recipe now be inspired to explore.

Simple additions to create mint, mocha, orange, almond, pistachio, rum or even chilli, fig and many more ... I have an ever growing list of chocolate truffle flavors.

All these truffles and the ones that you see on this page can be found here.

Chocolate Christmas Truffles

christmas truffles

Christmas Truffles the perfect chocolate christmas treat, the perfect christmas gift. Another variation on my chocolate truffle recipes - cute little christmas pudding truffles sitting on their own little plate.

I show you different ways to decorate their tops.

Another one of my easy chocolate recipes.

White Chocolate Truffles Recipe

white chocolate truffles

I have now added my white chocolate truffle base recipe to my easy chocolate recipes.

These truffles are creamy smooth and yes you can add my truffle flavours to this to make your favourites, just like this white chocolate pistachio version.

My recipe for creamy smooth white chocolate base for truffles is here.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

chocolate truffle cake

A delicious Chocolate Truffle Cake , One Slice Is Never Enough!

Combine my easy, versatile chocolate cake recipe and my delicious chocolate truffle recipe to make a rich, moist, sinfully chocolate filled dessert cake.

This cake is not for the faint hearted you have to be a true chocoholic to enjoy or at least be willing to be converted to one!

Chocolate Valentine Truffles

valentine chocolate truffle

OK, I think everyone agrees you can not have valentines day with out chocolate.

So here is the perfect valentines chocolate gift. I have put together ideas using a heart shaped truffle that will win your valentines heart. Use any of the flavour ideas you find on my truffles pages.

For the heart ideas click here.

Chocolate Easter Truffles

easter chocolate truffles

Easter truffles are not only another delicious way to enjoy chocolate this easter but they also make the perfect easter chocolate gifts.

These chocolate hot cross buns are fun and more than generous in their size - one is definitely enough.

The chocolate centre is lightly spiced and has plump sultanas just like a real easter bun. You can find this chocolate recipe here.

Chocolate Wedding Cake Idea

chocolate wedding cake Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

I thought I would show you another way that this recipe can be used.

I have a cake design business Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs and this was a chocolate wedding cake I made.The reason I mention this is that it was a dark chocolate honey ganache that I used to layer and cover the cake and make the truffles.

I just added enough honey to the cooled chocolate filling to taste being careful not to over mix - it really was very delicious.

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