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Chocolate Tuxedo Strawberries

"How to make them yourself ..."

chocolate tuxedo strawberries

Chocolate Tuxedo Strawberries, I think everyone would agree, definitely have that WOW! factor.

No matter how many times I have made these I always get a wonderful response.

Now it's your turn to impress your family and friends. Let me ask ...

  • Do you have a wedding or special occasion coming up?
  • Do you need wedding favors or unique place card settings for your dinner guests?
  • How about a fabulous hostess gift or just that something special to serve with coffee?
  • Celebrate a graduation, wedding anniversary or a momentous birthday?
  • They are also great additions to bake sales.

    chocolate bride & groom strawberries

    To make these chocolate tuxedo strawberries is easy. My advise to you is to be organised and do one stage at a time.

    Please read my How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries page. This is where I explain:

    • tips and techiques for making chocolate covered strawberries.
    • how to melt chocolate.
    • how to dip strawberries.
    • plus other ideas for chocolate covered strawberries.

    chocolate tuxedo strawberries

    Use the photographs as a guide.

    The dipping of the strawberries is done in three stages:

    1. To make the shirt. Dip in white chocolate and leave to set.
    2. To make the jacket. Dip one side in dark chocolate then the other side. There is no need to set between each dark chocolate dip.
    3. Add buttons and bow tie. Using a small piping bage filled with melted chocolate add the decorative touches. As only a small amount of chocolate is needed you can also use a bamboo skewer dipped in the melted chocolate to make the buttons and tie. Leave to set before placing in paper cases or cellophane presentation bags.

    If you are making the chocolate tuxedo strawberries for a black tie occasion then I suggest you use a really dark chocolate to imitate a black jacket.

    chocolate bride & groom strawberries

    What a wonderful way to personalise a wedding. Chocolate Bride and Groom Strawberries add that special touch especially when you colour co-ordinate them to the wedding party.

    How to Make Chocolate Covered Bride Strawberries

    Now this really is dependent on the wedding dress itself. Try a take a detail from the dress to make these strawberries special. The strawberries in the photograph were for a bride who had chosen pink as her colour theme.

    White chocolate is easily tinted to match your wedding themes. Use food safe colourings a little at a time. Mix thoroughly until you have the perfect colour.

    christmas tuxedo strawberries

    The strawberries go through the same three stages as in making a tuxedo but using white chocolate. Pipe or drizzle white chocolate lines over what would be the jacket area to give the impression of the skirt. Maybe your bride has lace detail, squiggily lines might be a way of indicating this.

    If you are adding flower details then add these before the chocolate has had time to set. I have added pearls around the neck of the strawberry as this was another detail from this wedding along with a pink bow tie for the groom.

    It never fails to amaze me the joy people feel when they receive a handmade gift. To make these chocolate tuxedo strawberries to mark a special occasion will not only bring joy to others but also to yourself. To see them finished and displayed at their best will put a smile on your face and WOW! on the lips of everyone else.

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