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Cupcake Decorating Ideas

"Be inspired by these ideas for decorating cupcakes"

cupcake decoratinggifcupcake decorating

I love cupcake decorating and everyone I know loves cupcakes.

Even the simplest cupcake decorations can look spectacular when displayed together on a plate.

Delicate polka dots on fondant covered wedding cupcakes or bright bold spots topping birthday cupcakes are an easy idea that has the WOW! factor when on display.

Creating colours to match the theme of the occasion is often the key to increase the success of the cupcake.

You can find my vanilla, chocolate and chocolate chip cupcake recipes by clicking here and for great buttercream and cupcake frosting recipes click here.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas by Occasion

What I plan to do is show you different cupcake ideas for different occasions. Use the photographs to create ideas for your own cupcakes. The spots used on the 4th of July cupcakes would work equally well in three shades of pinks or purples for princess or little (or big girls) parties. Think of them in soft pastels for a baby shower cupcakes or wedding cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcakes - Ideas

halloween cupcake decorating ideas Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

Halloween cupcakes are so much fun to make and give as part of "trick or treat".

With these simple ideas the last minute hassle has been taken out - all the decorations can be made weeks in advance.

It's the use of halloween colours and lots of them that make these cupcake decorating ideas look spectacular when displayed at your halloween party.

To discover how to make these halloween cupcakes click here

Breast Cancer Cupcakes - Ideas

breast cancer cupcakes - pink ribbon Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

These pretty pink breast cancer cupcakes are a great way to help raise money for your next charity event.

The designs are also great for fairy, princess or butterfly themed parties. The ideas are quick and easy including the fondant pink ribbons.

My pretty pink ribbon breast cancer cupcakes can be seen by clicking here.

Easter Cupcakes - Ideas

easter cupcakesgifchocolate easter cupcakes

Easter is the perfect time to decorate cupcakes and they do not have to be difficult - there are so many different types of Easter candy you can use. For the recipe on how to make these cute Easter nest cupcakes and many more ideas on how to decorate your chocolate cupcake recipe for this Easter click here.

Easter Cupcakes - More Ideas

easter cupcakes

These are very special chocolate cupcakes.

Yes they do take a little more time than my other Easter ideas but they are not difficult to make.

I made them as place settings and each chocolate egg held a little surprise inside.

You will find the recipe for these Easter cupcakes here.

Valentine Cupcakes Ideas

valentine cupcake decorating ideas

Really easy ways of cupcake decorating for Valentines.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate a homemade Valentine day gift.

Ideas for fondant topped and buttercream designs

For simple ways to decorate your Valentines cupcakes click here.

Fun 4th of July Cupcakes

red rose 4th of July cupcake decorating ideas inspired by michelle cake designsspace4th of july cupcake decorating ideas love inspired by michelle cake designs

These little patriotic cupcakes are a great way to celebrate Independence Day.

Using fondant and the colours red white and blue I can show you all sorts of quick and easy designs.

for these and more fourth of July cupcake decorating ideas click here.

Chocolate Cupcakes - Chocolate Glaze and Fruit

chocolate ganache cupcakes

Who could resist these chocolate cupcakes? They are easy to put together - all I have done is make my chocolate glaze recipe , let it cool until it is spreadable then beat it until it is like whipped cream. You can pipe it or spread it on top of this chocolate cupcake recipe but either way make sure you are generous as this is a really delicious topping. Then all I did was add a selection of fruits to decorate the top.

Wedding Cupcakes - Ideas

wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular as part of wedding celebrations. On this page I show you simple but effective wedding cupcake decorating ideas. You can use my chocolate cupcake recipe as the perfect base.

The list is continuously growing and it is a great way to add that personal touch to this special day. Take a peek here to see my wedding cupcake ideas.

Baby Shower Cupcakes - Ideas

baby shower cupcakes

Baby shower cupcake decorating is a wonderful and simple idea to help celebrate this occasion.

They are delicious as part of a shower tea or as a special take home gift. Why not make a plate of these little decorated cupcakes as a surprise.
For these and more baby shower cupcake ideas click here.

Childrens Cupcake Ideas

childrens cupcake ideas

These cupcakes are easy to decorate. I used store bought farmyard animals and topped the cupcakes with my quick and easy frosting recipe.

Then using ready to roll icing I made blue and yellow spots for extra colour.

Fondant Ladybug Cup Cakes

cute fondant ladybug cupcakes

These cute little ladybugs are really easy to make. Just use ready to roll fondant icing and three colours - red, black and green. Although it is a little hard to see in the picture but I have used black sugar flower stamens as the antennae.

Look at the picture, it's just different sized balls squashed and put together with the tiniest bit of water which acts as a glue. Leave them to dry 24 hours before using.

The ladybugs can be made weeks in advance just store them in an airtight container in a cool position - not the refrigerator. I always make extra in fact when I made these I also used them on one of my decorated cakes.

I think using red cupcake paper cases finishes off these little cakes it is another thing to try and co-ordinate in your cupcake decorating.

Charity Cupcakes

Curves charity cupcakesspacemonogram buttercream cupcakes

Decorating cupcakes for charity events is a great way to increase your fund-raising efforts. I made these gorgeous little cupcakes for the "Biggest Morning Tea" fundraiser for cancer research which was held at my local Curves centre.

Cupcakes are easy to make and even simply decorated like these they are tempting which is what you need when trying to raise money for your causes big and small.

I used my vanilla cupcake recipe and topped them with a generous swirl of my vanilla buttercream recipe . I chose to colour the buttercream a light purple to match the Curves colours. I also cut little "C"s out of ready to roll icing the night before so they had time to dry.

My New Peanut Butter Buttercream

peanut butter buttercream decorated cupcakes

I just wanted to let you know I have added a new flavour variation to my chocolate buttercream recipe. If you love peanut butter you are going to love this smooth, smooth buttercream.

I have used peanut m&m's, a little fudge heart and a cute fondant teddy bear that I made to decorate these chocolate cupcakes.

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