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How to Ganache for Decorating a Cake Perfectly

"How do you get your smooth sharp edges?"

decorating a cake perfectly

That would have to be the question I get asked most about cake decorating! In this 3 part video tutorial I show you the cake decorating tips and techniques to use so you too can get those sharp edges on your fondant covered cakes.

I use chocolate ganache underneath the fondant on all my cakes. In part 1 of this tutorial I showed you how to make chocolate ganache, using a quick and easy microwave recipe.

Part 2: How to Ganache a Cake
with Straight Sides

In this video tutorial I show you how to...

  • Set up the cake using a base board

  • Cover the cake with ganache using 2 crank handled pallete knives

  • Use a tri square tool (available from hardware stores) to get the ganache perfectly straight and smooth

Applying the ganache using this technique provides a perfect base for the fondant covering. 

Don't forget to see part 3, where I show how to use 2 cake smoothers to finish the fondant cake with a sharp edge.

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