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Timeline for Decorating a Cake

"In this tutorial I cover
the order of cake decorating"

decorating a cake timeline

Decorating a cake can take quite a bit of planning, especially for the more involved cake designs, you have to think about the steps needed and the order in which you are going to do each step. 

To help you plan your cake decorating order I have identified the ideal plan and timeline below. I try and keep to this schedule, but sometimes I can squeeze a cake into 3 days. 

Allow 2 weeks elapsed time if you have a lot of sugar flowers to make. Otherwise, allow 1 week elapsed time.

The Ideal Cake Decorating Schedule

2 weeks ahead of time

If you have a lot of flowers to make for a cake start making those now.

1 week before

  • Work out the cake boards and boxes needed -- how many and what sizes?

  • Make sure you have enough chocolate and other ingredients

  • Buy any ribbon and other decorating supplies

4 days before

  • Bake cakes and refrigerate overnight to set the crumb

  • Make chocolate ganache and refrigerate overnight

  • Make any decorations that need time to dry

3 days before

  • Bring ganache to and cakes to room temperature

  • Ganache cake and leave at room temperature overnight (in summer this needs to be in air conditioning if very hot weather)

  • Make any decorations that need time to dry

  • Make royal icing if needed and store in the refrigerator

2 days before

  • Cover the cake and cake board with fondant leave to set overnight

1 days before

  • Set cake on board and tier if necessary

  • Decorate cake

Cake day!

  • Photograph, box and transport cake -- the cake should sit overnight before transporting to settle, especially if it is a tiered cake

Have fun decorating cakes!

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