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Chocolate Easter Cupcakes

"A delicious Easter treat"

easter cupcakes

Easter cupcakes, chocolate filled Easter treats easily decorated and delicious to eat.

These eater egg cupcakes are a new addition to my Easter chocolate cupcakes collection. They are a little more time consuming to make than my other ideas but they are not difficult.

I started by making my chocolate raspberry slice recipe. I did not top the slice with the chocolate glaze. Instead I used a 5cm (2") round cutter to cut rounds of cake. You could just as easily make chocolate cupcakes and remove the paper cases.

easter cupcakes

Then I made a batch of my chocolate glaze recipe , let it cool then used it to coat the cake rounds. To make coating and moving the cupcakes easier I cut out 5.5cm rounds of card and stuck the cake rounds to them with chocolate glaze first.

chocolate shards

I then made shards of chocolate by using a spatula to spread chocolate onto non-stick baking paper. I chilled the chocolate shards first before placing around the Easter chocolate cakes - this makes them easier to handle. You will need approximately 10 shards for this size cake.

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easter cupcakes

This Easter I used "kinder suprise" eggs that way the children all got a little gift inside their eggs. Any Easter eggs can be used including homemade where you can add your own gifts inside.

Place the egg on top of the cake pushing it into the chocolate glaze to hold in position. Using modelling fondant or ready to roll icing decorate the egg - I chose to copy the spots and colours from the ribbon I used. I also included the inital of each child. This idea makes these Easter cupcakes a great idea as place settings at the Easter table.

easter cupcakes

Then I placed the chilled chocolate shards around the cake base, pushing lightly into the chocolate glaze. You will notice that I have also used a wall of chocolate to decorate one of the cupcakes - this is a quicker way of finishing them.

Just wrap the ribbon around the cake, a little melted chocolate will hold it in place.

Small terracotta trays were used to display the cakes as this fitted in with my table scheme.

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easter chocolate cupcakes

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