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Fondant Cake Decorating with
Alphabet Name Blocks

"These fondant cake decorations
are particularly good for
birthday cakes and christening cakes"

fondant cake decorating alphabet name blocks

How to Make Alphabet Letter Block
Fondant Cake Decorations

Makes 6 x 4cm letter blocks


Colored fondant
Tylose powder (or CMC)


4cm square cutter -- or improvise by cutting a 4cm square out of cardboard
1 sharp knife
2 cake smoothers
Letter cutters
1 small paint brush


  1. Knead the tylose into the colored fondant until smooth

  2. Divide the kneaded fondant into 2 parts: the largest part for the block; the smallest part for cutting out the letters

  3. Roll the largest part of the colored fondant into a smooth tubeof 4cm diameter

  4. Mark the top of the fondant roll with thesquare cutter

  5. Cut the roll into blocks using the marks along the fondant tube as a guide

  6. Cut down the remaining 2 sides of each block. The bottom of these cubes will become the front facing side of the name block, as it will be the smoothest side with the sharpest edges

  7. Tip each cube to one side and cut the top off so it is square

  8. Using 2 cake smoothers and 2 hands tap the sides of the blocks square

  9. Flatten the tops with a cake smoother as well

  10. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes with the front facing downwards

  11. Now use the cake smoothers to tap the fondant into a cube/block again as sometimes the fondant spreads a little

  12. Sit the blocks with their front facings looking at you and tap the blocks so they are all the same height

  13. Dry the blocks overnight, or use with care straight away. If you plan to tumble the blocks in your cake design, then I recommend leaving them overnight

  14. Roll out the remaining fondant to a very thin strip and leave to dry for 15 minutes. Leaving the fondant to dry a little really makes it a lot easier to use the tap out cutters. So does making sure you roll the fondant very thin

  15. Tap out your letters and leave to dry for 15 minutes

  16. Attach the letters with the tiniest amount of water to the blocks with a small paint brush

Any left over fondant can be stored in the fridge wrapped tightly in plastic. It will be hard when you remove it from the fridge, but can be softened in the microwave for 3-5 seconds and used for more fondant cake decorating, such as name blocks, fondant figures or animals. Knead the fondant thoroughly first.

You can also store the wrapped fondant, placed in freezer bags, in the freezer for up to 6 months. When you're ready to use it defrost and soften as described above.


See my video tutorial to make more sense of the instructions above. The video also shows the fondant cake decorating blocks positioned on the finished Christening cake 

Please note, this is one of my earlier videos that has no sound, created from photos illustrating each step of working with the fondant to create the letters.

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