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Halloween Chocolate Strawberries

"A delicious way to celebrate Halloween"

Halloween chocolate strawberries are delicious, chocolate dipped strawberries that can now be enjoyed at Halloween too!

If this is your first time decorating strawberries with chocolate head to my how to make chocolate covered strawberries page to learn everything you need to know.

Ghost Halloween Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

ghost halloween chocolate covered strawberries

These little ghosts are easy to make. Just dip strawberries in white chocolate then add their eyes and mouths. For these strawberries I have used the same method of chocolate dipping that I tell you about in my santa strawberries page.

This method gives you a chocolate covered strawberry that does not have a flat back.

The eyes and mouths need to be added just after dipping while the chocolate has not set - this way can slow the process a little. If you are making large quantities try and have someone to help you - you dip they add the features.

Or wait until all the chocolate has set then attach the eyes with a little extra melted chocolate or royal icing.

The eyes and mouths are made out of black and white ready to roll fondant icing.

halloween cupcake decorating ideas

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For more decorating ideas for chocolate covered strawberries click here. I think you will love them!

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