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Halloween Cupcakes

"Fun and simple ideas for decorating Halloween cupcakes"

Decorating cupcakes for halloween is a lot of fun, but it does not need to be a lot of last minute hard work.

halloween cupcakes

By using the fabulous halloween colour combinations of black, purple, orange and white with ready to roll fondant you can make simple but eye catching decorations for your halloween cupcakes.

The fondant decorations can be made weeks in advance. Once dry they just need to be stored in an air-tight container in a cool position. Do not store in the refrigerator.

If you are looking for cupcake recipes then my recipes for chocolate and vanilla cupcakes can be found at this link. One thing I would suggest is that if you are using white cupcake paper cases then a vanilla cupcake recipe is best so that the paper remains bright white.

You can ice the cupcakes with any buttercream, frosting or ganache of your choice. On the cupcakes below I have used my buttercream and chocolate ganache recipes. For my different icing recipes click here.

If your local bakery has a frosting that you love or if you are running out of time why not asked if you can buy some from them. I have done this in the past and I find they are only too happy to help. Often they make beautifully white frostings/creams as they have different ingredients which we do not have access to.

I have also recently added this halloween cupcake tutorial to my videos.

Halloween purple, black and orange spots

halloween cupcakes black, purple and orange spots

Three colours, three different sized round cutters - simple. Do not worry about getting all the spots in the same position this design works better with random placement especially when you make lots of them. you just need a little dab of water on the back of the spots to stick them together. Leave the spots to dry before placing on the cupcakes.

Match the largest spot of fondant with the same coloured cupcake paper case.

Eye-ball Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes eye ball decorations

These cupcakes were made to match the halloween eye-ball cake you can see at the bottom of this page.

Balls of white fondant have a small circle of blue fondant on top with a spot of black in the center. Again all you need is a small dab of water to stick these all together. The red veins are thin strips cut from thinly rolled fondant.

The cupcakes have had a layer of white chocolate ganache smoothed on top before a thin layer of lime green fondant. The eye balls can be made in advance.

Like I said the cupcakes were made to match the halloween eyeball cake I made in my Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs business. I was really pleased with the whole effect.

Witch hat Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes, witch hats on orange buttercream.

Balls of purple and black fondant squashed into simple witch hat shapes. Pinch the base of the ball to form the brim. Then roll between the palms of your hands the rest of the ball to form the peak. A small band of orange fondant adds a highlight.

Each hat takes less than a minute to make. Again make them in advance, leave to dry then store in an airtight container.

This idea is also great for a witch's and warlock or Harry Potter childrens birthday party.


halloween cupcakes happy halloween

Simple by very effective. Black and orange circles cut out of thinly rolled fondant. The letters can either be stamped out of fondant or piped using coloured royal icing. Leave to dry then store in an air tight container.

Any number of halloween phrases can be used, just keep going till you have made enough cupcakes for your party.

Bat, Witch and Ghost cut-out Halloween cupcakes

halloween cupcakes bat, witch and ghost cut-outs

The simplest of the ideas. Use colour and small cutters to decorate your halloween cupcakes. I have used small witch, bat and ghost cutters and rolled fondant to make these decorations. I have added two small balls of black fondant as eyes on the ghosts.

I have piped my chocolate ganache recipe on top of the cupcakes.

Once you have your cutters match the size of the cupcakes you make so that the fondant cut-out fit nicely on top.

Halloween Stars and Sparkle! cupcakes

halloween cupcakes stars and sparkle

I have used silver sugar balls and fondant stars sprinkled over these cupcakes. You can make the stars yourself as I have or use star cake sprinkles.

This effect can be sprinkled over any coloured buttercream or frosting. Just imagine pink, white and silver for a fairy party or red, blue and silver for a boys nautical theme party.

BOO! Halloween Cupcakes

hallowen cupcakes - Boo! and buttercream

Again only two colours and simple text. Thinly rolled black fondant circles with white fondant BOO! stamped out and stuck down with a small dab of water.

If you like to pipe then to pipe the BOO!'s on to the disc's is a lot faster. Don't worry if your piping is not perfect it will just add to the spooky effect and everyone will assume you meant it to be that way!

This effect would look good on any cupcake topping.

Ghost Halloween Cupcakes

decorating halloween ghost cupcakes

ghost halloween cupcake decorating ideas

I love these little ghost halloween cupcakes. Simple vanilla cupcakes with buttercream with marshmallows sitting on top.

They are both start out the same with the addition of a thinly rolled circle of white fondant draped over the top of the ones on the right.

The eyes are just squashed balls of black and white fondant and they are atteched with a small dab of water brushed on their backs. You could also add a little black ball as a mouth to make the ghost look as if they are saying BOO!

Halloween decorated cupcakes - witches fingers

halloween cupcakes witches fingers

halloween cupcake decorating witches fingers

I have just finished making these halloween witches fingers cupcakes for trick or treat tonight.

I made small cupcakes and dipped the tops in a dark purple fondant - I was in such a rush that I just warmed it in the microwave for dipping.

Then I made finger shapes out of green fondant which I rolled over a woodgrain mat to make them wrinkly. I made a cuticle ridge at one end with a small oval cutter. Then using the same cutter I cut out nails in red fondant and squished them into shape at the end of the finger.

A small ball of brown fondant acts as a wart. I poked holes into the wart with a skewer to give it texture.

Nothing complicated just a bit of fun!!

Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

Happy Haunting halloween cake Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

Are you looking for cake decorating ideas? This site is also a showcase for my cake design business.

Use it to get ideas for your own cake decorating adventures.

I have made these halloween cupcakes to match some of my halloween cake designs.

To see more of my designs for inspiration click here.

halloween eyeball cake Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

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