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Hot Chocolate Recipes

"Can I inspire you to try something different?"

These Hot Chocolate recipes are my collection of chocolate drinks.

None of them are difficult and some of them are a little unsual. All are worth trying whether you are trying to keep warm in the middle of winter or trying to refresh on a long hot summers day.

If you have never tried making your own hot chocolate mix then do it they are much nicer than the average store bought variety and they make a much appreciated gift.

Lets be honest the real reason behind these recipes for chocolate drinks is to include as much chocolate in as many ways possible into our days and nights!!

Hot Chocolate Recipes

Everyone loves a hot chocolate and not only in winter to keep warm. It's a drink I enjoy all year round especially as I am not a coffee drinker.

Of course I have include a recipe for a great hot chocolate but I have also given ideas for different infusions to make your chocolate drink a little bit special and add variety. Click here for the recipes.

Iced Chocolate Recipes

Now this is my favourite way to drink chocolate. I warn you though if you follow all my suggestions this will end up more of a dessert than a drink - not that there is anything wrong with that!

I have included a recipe for frozen hot chocolate as well. This is soo icey cold that it is guarenteed to cool you down on even the hottest of days. Click here for the recipes.

Hot Chocolate Mix Recipes

This is a collection of recipe ideas to make your own chocolate mixes. This is very rewarding and it also means you can make a mix that suits your own tastes.

I have include a recipe for a gourmet chocolate mix for a rich chocolate taste. You can use these mixes in all your hot chocolates, iced chocolates and chocolate tea drinks. Click here for the recipes.

Chocolate Tea Recipes

If you have never tried chocolate tea then I really suggest that you at the very least read my recipe page. It's not as strange as you might initially think. Just think of all the wonderful tea flavours you can drink these days that will successfully combine with chocolate.

These chocolate tea recipes can be served hot or chilled. Click here for the recipes.

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