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How to Make Fondant Bears

"People love my shaggy little fondant bears!"

fondant bears

In this cake decorating video I show you how to make fondant bears. The video shows how to make a bear with shaggy fur. However, you can of course, omit the texturizing for a bear with a smooth finish.

I've shown you the bears in the collage above to give you ideas of what you can make when you have mastered this tutorial. I made each of those bears using this method.

These cute fondant cake toppers are especially good for decorating christening cakes / baptism cake and children's birthday cakes, especially a 1st birthday cake.

To Make Fondant Bear


400g White fondant
Black fondant
Tylose (CMC) – For cuddly bear 1 tspn;
  for bear that will hold shape 3 tspns
Corn flour


Rolling pin
Tooth pick
Small pair of sharp scissors
Balling tool
Small round cutter


  1. Knead the tylose through the fondant

  2. Take half the fondant and shape into a body form. If you are making a shaggy bear don’t worry about having a perfect smooth finish

  3. Dust the bottom of the body with cornflour to stop it sticking to the board

  4. Take half the remaining fondant and roll into a sausage shape. Cut into 4 – this will be the arms and legs

  5. Shape the legs as shown and attach to the body with a small dab of water

  6. Impress a circle into the base of the feet. This will act as a guide later if you make the bear shaggy

  7. Make the arms the same way. If the fondant has dried, just re-knead the piece then form into shape

  8. Push a toothpick into the body to help support the head

  9. Take approximately ¾ of the remaining fondant and roll into the head. Roll a smaller piece to become the muzzle

  10. Attach the muzzle with water and mark with a straight stroke and 2 curves (use the round cutter). Indent 2 areas for eye sockets

  11. Roll 2 small balls and indent them with the balling tool to make the ears. Attach to the head with water and press gently to hold in place

  12. Normally I would now wait overnight for the head to dry, but when I make a shaggy bear I put the head in place now so the fur can be cut all at once

  13. Roll 2 small balls in white fondant and place in the eye sockets. Add a small black fondant ball to each eye. Roll a larger black fondant ball for the nose. Use a small dab of water to attach

  14. If you want a shaggy bear: using a small pair of sharp scissors, cut into the fondant at random to create shaggy fur. Leave the center part of the feet plain. Often I pipe a small cross here, if the bear is to be used on a christening cake. Or an initial can be piped here

The video shows you step by step images for how to make fondant bears. This bear is quick and easy to make and can be made in many colors and sizes.

You will find other versions of my fondant bears and how to use them in my cake decorating pages.

Make Fondant Bear Video

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