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Santa Chocolate Strawberries

"There's Rudolph and snowmen as well!"

santa chocolate strawberries

Santa chocolate strawberries! Rudolph chocolate strawberries! Snowman chocolate strawberries!

What can I say, if you are looking for something different this Christmas this just has to be it.

They are so cute and can be used in so many different ways, decorate a cake, small gift nicely packaged in a clear box for teachers, girl/boy friends, enough to have with coffee as a hostess gift, place setting markers etc

rudolph and snowman chocolate covered strawberries

I have piped the noses on the Santa chocolate strawberries but they to could have a little red nose like rudolph. You can pipe any face expression you like - I think my snowmen look as if they are about to melt!

Please read through the recipe for the chocolate Santas, Rudolph and snowmen first before starting.

If you have any questions concerning imperial/metric conversions you will find the answers on my Baking Conversions page.

If you have any questions concerning baking terms used you will find the answers on my Baking Glossary page.

Just remember when making Santa chocolate strawberries ...

Santa chocolate strawberry

  1. Always use perfect strawberries. This way your efforts will be shown off at their best and they will taste incredible.
  2. Have everything ready before you start dipping.
  3. The strawberries must be dry when dipped into the melted chocolate.
  4. When melting the chocolate avoid overheating and contact with steam or water.
  5. Always use a heatproof bowl when melting the chocolate.
  6. snowman chocolate covered strawberries

  7. Chocolates all vary in their thicknesses when melted. If the chocolate you have chosen looks as if it will be too thick when melted to dip then add 1 teaspoon of plain vegetable oil to 2 cups of chocolate buttons. Stir through thoroughly. This will make the job a lot easier without diminishing the flavour.
  8. Store the finished strawberries at a cool room temperature.
  9. Plan to dip the chocolate strawberries on the day they are to be eaten.

What You Will Need

  1. Fresh, clean and dry strawberries with their green calyx intact.
  2. White and dark chocolate for dipping and decorating. Chocolate buttons are the best for melting. If your favourite chocolate does not come in this form then roughly chop.
  3. You will need approximately 2 1/2 - 3 cups of chocolate buttons melted to dip 20 medium sized strawberries. rudolph chocolate strawberries
  4. Small heat proof bowls to melt the chocolate in.
  5. Red food colouring for Santas hat. Paste or powdered.
  6. Wooden toothpicks and a piece of foam to set the strawberries on. This is so you do not get a flat base.
  7. Sprinkles etc for finishing touches in a small dish ready for dipping. See photographs for details.
  8. I have made little red noses and carrot noses from colouring cake covering fondant, forming the shapes and leaving them to dry overnight.
  9. Small icing bags for piping the faces.

If you need help and information on how to melt chocolate you will find it here.

How To Dip

dipping chocolate strawberries
  1. Holding the strawberry by the green calyx insert a toothpick. Do not do this in the center as this is hollow. Now holding both the calyx and toothpick dip into the melted chocolate to cover the strawberry.
  2. As you remove the strawberry give it a little shake to help reduce the thickness of the chocolate coating.
  3. Allow any excess chocolate to drip off.
  4. If you plan to dip the strawberry into sprinkles to make the snowman or rudolph then carefully do this now.
  5. Turn the finished strawberry up-right and carefully insert the toothpick into the foam. Refer to photographs.
  6. making santa strawberriesIf you are adding a little red nose or carrot nose do this now before the chocolate sets! If you find the chocolate has set just dip the nose into melted chocolate and place in position.
  7. Leave the strawberries to set at a cool room temperature.
  8. Once set they can be further dipped to make the red santas hat (remember after dipping in the red chocolate to dip into the white sprinkles to make the pompom) or decorate their faces by piping melted chocolate to makes eyes and a mouth.
  9. For presentation display each chocolate covered strawberry in a slightly flattened paper case, or use them to top a decorated Christmas chocolate cake.

snowman chocolate cakeLots of chocolate santas!

christmas chocolate covered strawberries

I have been playing some more with these wonderful little characters. Adding fondant eyes with licorice centers. A jolly red nose for the chocolate Santa and some antlers for Rudolph. These definitely take longer to make but they were so much fun almost too cute to eat!

bunnies and mice chocolate strawberries

I thought if you liked my snowman, Rudolph and Santa chocolate strawberries then you may also find my chocolate strawberry bunnies and mice equally adorable.

The technique is the same. I actually first made these as part of a easter celebration. The bunnies look fantastic sitting atop a chocolate cake - definite WOW! factor.

My chocolate mice and bunny strawberries can be found here.

bride and groom chocolate strawberrieschocolate covered strawberries

You can find more wonderful ideas on chocolate covered strawberries if you click here. There are also more ideas for Christmas chocolate strawberries. I know everyone is going to love these Santa chocolate strawberries and like I always say, just imagine how impressed your friends will be when you tell them "I Made Them Myself!"

santa claus christmas cake idea

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This chocolate tree not only looks great but you get to eat it to! You could even place Santa chocolate strawberries at the base of the tree to bring a smile to everyones face.

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