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How to Make Sugar Paste

"This recipe is great for
making sugar flowers"

Sugar Paste Flowers

All the sugar flowers in the picture above were made using this recipe.

The recipe below uses glycerin which gives the paste more flexibility for modelling. You can use it to get very thin petals and it dries hard and sharp. 

You can use this recipe to make sugar flowers, or anything that requires  strength for construction. However, for fondant figures and animals I simply add tylose (or CMC) to fondant, rather than making this recipe.

(Please note, gum paste and fondant paste are other names for this paste).

Sugar Paste Recipe


500g fondant
1 tspn CMC (or tylose)
1/3 tspn egg white (or powdered egg white, reconstituted using the directions supplied)
2 tspns cream of tartar
1/4 tspn glycerin (optional)


  1. Knead the fondant to loosen slightly
  2. Add in one remaining ingredient at a time and knead in thoroughly

If your work surface gets too sticky rub it over with some solid vegetable fat, such as Kofa, available from supermarkets.

The finished paste should be smooth and pliable. Ideally you should allow it to rest overnight.

You can also cut the batch into 3 equal pieces, wrap them individually in cling wrap, then in freezer bags and store in your freezer until you need them. I also store left over pieces this way.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video to see my technique for making this flower paste.

Have fun with your cake decorating.

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