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Valentine Chocolate Strawberries

"Ideas for decorating your Valentines chocolate"

Handmade Valentine Chocolate Strawberries, I can not think of a better way to show that someone special in your life that you love them.

I have never known anyone who does not appreciate handmade chocolate covered strawberries.

Chocolate and strawberries are the perfect match, so appropriate for Valentines Day. Just imagine how impressed your love will be when you say "I made them just for you".

chocolate valentine strawberriesred, white and pink valentine strawberries.

Why not make the valentine strawberries:

  • to have at the start of a romantic evening.
  • as part of a romantic dinner for two.
  • leave them on your pillows to end the perfect night.
  • as a gift to someone you secretly admire.
  • as a gift to the one you love. Handmade is always appreciated.
  • or maybe make them for yourself to remember a lost love.

chocolate dipped strawberries for valentines

To make these valentines chocolate strawberries is easy. My advise to you is to be organised and do one stage at a time.

Please read my How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries page. This is where I explain:

  • tips and techniques for making chocolate covered strawberries.
  • how to melt chocolate.
  • how to dip strawberries.
  • plus other ideas for chocolate covered strawberries.

chocolate valentine strawberries

Now that you know how to make chocolate strawberries just let your imagination go!

There are so many different ways to embellish your freshly dipped strawberries:

  • any baking sprinkles in reds or pinks.
  • Heart shapes in pinks and reds.
  • Coloured sugars.
  • White chocolate is easily tinted with food grade colours. A paste variety will give you a more intense colour. Use this to dip or drizzle over the strawberries.

Remember: You need to add any sprinkles or sugars while the strawberry is freshly dipped and the chocolate has not set. This will ensure that they adhere.

If for what ever reason your chocolate sets first an easy way to save the day is to drizzle white chocolate tinted with red colour over the strawberries. This looks fantastic and no one will ever know what you had planned to do!

I would like to say that even though the Valentine Chocolate Strawberries on their own will be irresistible, presentation is important. Go to the extra effort to gift box them carefully. Look out for valentine paper cases to display the strawberries in. Use beautiful ribbons to finish the presentation.

Enjoy your special Valentines Chocolate Strawberries!

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