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Valentine Day Chocolate Recipes

"Say I love you with Valentines chocolate"

Valentine Day Chocolate is always a winner, lets face it very few people celebrate this day without chocolate and if they do then they should!

Why not this year make your own Valentines chocolate delights. They don't have to be difficult, what's important is that you made them yourself. Personal effort will be appreciated alot more than a commercial box of chocolates.

So how does a chocolate cake become a chocolate Valentines cake - bake it in a heart shaped tin, simple. You can use the same idea for brownies and muffins. Use pink icing and heart shaped sprinkles to decorate - easy.

Valentine Day chocolate heart decorated fondant cake

If you love decorating cakes then I hope this Valentines Day Heart shaped cake inspires you to make one yourself this Valentines Day.

I sculptured the chocolate cake from a 9" square then layered and coated it in dark chocolate ganache. It is covered in rolled fondant and the detail painted in edible gold.

For more of my Cake Decorating Ideas please click here.

Below I have put together various Valentines chocolate recipes from my site and shown you how they can become Valentine day chocolate desserts or gifts.

Valentine Day Cupcakes

valentine cupcake decorating ideas

Valentines day is the perfect excuse to make cupcakes.

Cupcake decorating is one of the fastest growing past times and Valentine cupcakes can be very easy to do.

On this page I give you ideas for fondant topped and buttercream finished cupcakes.

There is a lot of pleasure in making and giving a Valentine day chocolate cupcake as a gift.

For my Valentine cupcake decorating ideas please click here.

Valentine Raspberry Brownies

valentine raspberry brownies

A great brownie recipe baked in heart shape moulds.

Chocolate and raspberries perfect for Valentines day. A box of these would make a specially delicious gift or serve warm with chocolate glaze, cream and extra raspberries for a romantic dessert.

The recipe can be found at the bottom of my chocolate brownies page.

Valentine Chocolate Strawberries

valentine chocolate strawberries

If you head to my chocolate strawberries pages you will find tips and techniques on how to dip chocolate strawberries.

It is not as difficult as it looks. If you have always wanted to make these then Valentines day is the perfect excuse.

This link will take you to Valentines chocolate strawberries.

Valentine Chocolate Caramel Slice

chocolate caramel bars

Chocolate caramel slice is an old fashion favourite, in fact it is still one of the most popular slices still today.

I have given it a mini make-over.

These generous serves of rich chocolate slice are perfect for Valentines and easily wrap to make a delicious gift.

For the Chocolate Caramel Slice recipe click here.

Valentine Berry Chocolate Cake

valentine chocolate cake

Like I said earlier - what makes a cake a Valentines cake, bake a chocolate cake in a heart shaped tin.

This is exactly what I have done here.

Then I have topped it with luscious red berries.

This definitely will make a decadent chocolate Valentines dessert. For the Chocolate Berry Cake recipe click here.

Valentine Chocolate Truffle

valentine day chocolate truffle

Everyone loves something homemade and everyone loves chocolate so to me these are the perfect Valentines chocolate gift or treat.

You can use any of the truffle flavours from my pages in this heart shaped chocolate truffle.

I show you many ways to decorate these melt in the mouth Valentine day chocolate from the traditional cocoa dusted to pretty pink flower tops.

For these heart shaped truffles click here.

Valentine Double Chocolate Muffins

valentine day chocolate muffins

Why not decorate everyone's favourite, a double chocolate muffin especially for Valentines day.

You can use a chocolate frosting or as I have pictured at the top of this page a romantic pink.

You will find the recipe for the chocolate muffins and a link for the quick and easy frostings here.

Valentine Chocolate Fudge Recipes

chocolate fudge recipes

My chocolate fudge recipes are so simple to make.

They just take 90 seconds in the microwave! You will find variations for dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate fudge and even more ideas.

Why not cut these hearts out of chocolate fudge as this years Valentine day chocolate gift?

My recipe for chocolate fudge can be found here.

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